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This tattoo I’ve wanted for awhile. The Swallow on the far left was the first tattoo I got last spring, and I love it to death. I had originally wanted more than one Swallow, but since it was my first tattoo I didn’t really know what to expect. So for my 18th birthday I decided to get more birds but I also wanted something that would resemble my love for photography. I didn’t want it to be obvious, so I opted for an antique picture frame that sort of looks like a mirror and some silhouetted Swallows.            I got this tattoo for myself and not really for anyone else to understand completely. I love tattoos; I think they’re beautiful, so I wanted something that would display my love for art in a more artistic way. The tattoo took around an hour, and was done by Colin McClain at Skinquake in Bloomington, IN. I love it a lot, he did a really amazing job.
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Y’a un petit vent frais….
I’m just a bit cold.

This is both gorgeous and inspiring.
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An interesting idea for a chair design. (Perhaps not the most practical one.) 
Books and wood. Made by Alvaro Tamarit.
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Believe it or not, this is uber tempting. It really looks comfy, you know to curl up on and read a book.
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Surreal Storage by Vincent Thomas Leman via Dornob
I first saw these cabinets and dressers in an article about places and objects inspired by Lewis Carrol’s Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland and thought how wonderful but I forgot to bookmark them. Well, I found them by accident today and just had to share them. Does anyone have a thousand dollars they can spot me so I can put one in my daughter’s room?
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This abso-freakin-lutely awesome iphone/cell phone case is made by Esty seller rabbitrampage.Also available is a PS3, Gameboy, Famicom, VHS tape and Vintage TV.

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Normally I don’t reblog these sorts of things as I am super OCD about the content on my blog(s) but Amelia was sweet enough to ask oh so politely and hey, I enjoy nice clothing as much as the next gal.

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